Sister Emerentia

Her story:

Her most important task is to take care of the fathers: cooking, repairing clothes, cleaning, she does it all. But according to the Head of the Congregation she uses far too much yarn and she has put her on wool ration. Will you come and help her find the secret supply of wool that Sister Norberta has left in the room?


    • You can play this Escape Room with 4 - 7 people
    • Themes: Religious, Traditional, Hobbies
    • Opened since 1 August 2019
    • Language independent (introduction/explanation in English, German or Dutch)


    • Can be played independently from the age of 14 due to the difficulty level
    • From 11 to 14 years old under the supervision of at least 1 adult per 4 children
    • Under 11 years of age they can play along with a group of adults. Children's parties are not possible!

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Escape Room Kerkrade

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