Canon Jacob

His story:

Canon James was a teacher for many. Entirely single-handedly, after years of testing, trial and error, he created the perfect code: The Jacobus Code. However, he was no longer able to explain this code to his two students: Father Hubrecht and Sister Gerda. Do you find the solution among the many notes of Canon James? Dive into his past and unravel the code!


  • This room is closed and can't be played anymore.

    • Playable with 9 to 16 people
    • Themes: Religious, Traditional, Secret Code, Hobbies
    • Opened since 10 October 2019
    • Language: Game and explanation in English, German or Dutch


    • Success rate: 10%
    • Record time: 53 minutes, without clues.


    • Can be played independently from the age of 14 due to the difficulty level
    • From 11 to 14 years old under the supervision of at least 1 adult per 4 children
    • Under 11 years of age they can play along with a group of adults. Children's parties are not possible!

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