At the moment, wearing a Face Mask is not mandatory. In addition, it is also not necessary to have a negative test or vaccination certificate at this time. We hope that this will remain the case, but should this change, we will communicate this here and via our Social Media. We will also inform guests who have already made a reservation about any changes.

In summary (dated 15-09-2021, also 25-09 onworth):

Not required:
- Face Mask
- Negative Test
- Vaccination

- Stay at home with complaints
- keep 1,5 meters away
- Disinfect or wash hands on arrival

Own choice (recommended by us)
- Go to the toilet at home already
- Pay in advance via iDeal/Bancontact/etc. and avoid coming into contact with cash or our ATM
- Notify changes in good time to avoid cancellation costs, see below.
- Are you coming with a large group? Maybe it's smart to let everyone do a self-test. This way you prevent someone who is still infected from taking part.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing isn't mandatory anymore from 25th of September. Because our rooms are spacious, there won't be any changes.


It is impossible for us to always disinfect everything. We clean all surfaces thoroughly, ensure that the locks are properly disinfected and that other interfaces, such as seat backs and door handles, are clean.

If you like to play the game with gloves on, you can ask for that.


We think this point is the most important: your responsibility as a booker.

What do we mean by this?

  • Is there anyone in your family who has complaints? Then stay home!
  • Be on time. Especially now we have to use a tight schedule to prevent different groups from having to use our waiting area at the same time. If you are late, this may mean that the Escape Room can no longer go on. Tip: print out the map and pay attention to the signage on site.
Cancellation Fee

Have you made a reservation and it can't go on anymore? You can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours in advance if you've reserved only one Escape Room. Did you reserve multiple games? Then you can change the reservation upto 7 days in advance.

Does someone suddenly show complaints within 48 hours of your reservation? Please contact us as soon as possible. You will not receive a refund, but you will receive a gift voucher from us to come back another time. Are you canceling within six (6) hours of your reservation and have only reserved one room? Then you will receive no money and no gift card and we see it as a No-Show. If you have reserved several rooms, this is up to twelve (12) hours in advance.

Abbey Game: weather dependent
In the event of sudden weather changes, a new date can be chosen in consultation. The following also applies: free of charge up to 48 hours, a gift voucher 48-6 hours in advance and full amount due within 6 hours. In consultation, this can be deviated from in extreme circumstances, for example.

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