In order to receive you in the one-and-a-half-meter society, we must comply with a number of measures. On this page you will find information about our modifications, starting with a short summary.

  • You must keep your distance within the Escape Room.
  • Less groups per day
  • Payment preferably in advance via iDeal / bank transfer / Bancontact
  • Toilets only open for emergencies
  • Responsibility to booker
Do we have to take 1,5 meter distance?

Are you a family and do you come from the same household? Then you don't have to keep your distance.

Do you come from different households? Then you must keep 1.5 meters away, also in the Escape Rooms. You are responsible for this yourself, just like in the supermarket, in the park or at the pool.

Why less groups per day?

All surfaces will have to be disinfected between groups. This of course takes a lot more time than usual, so that fewer groups per day can play the game. In addition, we will have to clean the entire toilet group when it has been used. It is also important that the rooms are well ventilated and this also takes time.

Why do you want us to pay in advance?

Since we can only allow a limited number of groups and therefore (perhaps) have to reject groups, we want to limit the number of “no-shows” as much as possible. Experience shows that when payment has already been made, guests do not choose to cancel suddenly. We also want to prevent unnecessary contact moments with sources of contamination, such as an ATM.

Is it mandatory to wear gloves?

It is impossible for us to always disinfect everything. We clean all surfaces thoroughly, ensure that the locks are properly disinfected and that other interfaces, such as seat backs and door handles, are clean. There are also many small / loose objects in an Escape Room, which we cannot all disinfect. Gloves are not mandatory, but are available if you want to play with them.

Why are the toilets only open for emergencies?

The guidelines state that a toilet should be disinfected immediately after use. Because of the greater risk of contamination, we prefer to keep the toilet group closed. If someone still has to use the toilet due to an emergency or a kid that suddenly has to pee, that is possible.

Responsibility to booker

We think the last point is the most important: the responsibility of you as a booker.

What do we mean by this?

  • Is there anyone who shows symptoms in your family? Then stay at home!
  • Cancel at least 48 hours in advance to avoid costs and give others a chance to play.
  • Keep 1.5 meters apart. Our employees will wear protection, but the 1.5 meter requirement also applies. Give each other space!
  • Be on time. Especially now we have to apply a strict timetable to prevent different households from having to use our waiting area at the same time. If you are late, it may mean that the Escape Room can no longer continue. Tip: print the map and pay attention to the signage on site.

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