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Father Jardinius


Everything still reminds of Father Jardinius in and around abbey Rolduc, the old gardener who took care of the beautifully landscaped flower gardems for years. The roses are still furtilized in his special way and the hedges are still trimmed weekly.However, there was one secret he never revealed: How could his flowers be so beautiful? It is up to you to unravel his secret…

What do you need?

  • The new work cart of Father Jardinius
  • The grounds of abbey Rolduc
  • One or more cart pullers
  • One of more cart pushers
  • A little muscle strength and thinking ability


  • Themes: Garden, classic, Offline
  • Language: Dutch, German and English
  • Opened since 16 April 2021
  • This game is not an enclosed activity inside, but rather an outdoor activity where you solve games as in an escape room. Hint: do not come in heels! :)

Time duration

The duration of the game is around 60 minutes without a break. This game is not about time, but mainly about having fun. We work in 1.5 hour blocks and therefore you have up to 80 minutes to play the game. Adding a drink creates a short breake, just over half the game (optionel).

For example: you book at 12:00. We expect you to be present at approximately 11:50 for a short explanation. Then form 12:00 - 13:20 you have time to solve the game. Between 13:20 and 13:30 we prepare the game for the next group.

Number of people

    • Play with 2 to 5 people.

We have two cart available. This allows up to 10 people to play the game at hthe samen time. Would you like to make a reservation? Contact us via WhatsApp/telephonic/reservation form (this is not possible to book online). 


  • €39,95 with 2 - 4 people 
  • €9,95 per person from 5 people 
  • Excluding drinks.


  • Like Father jardinius, enjoy a nice drink halfway through. There are various types of soft drinks, lager and beers from Brewery Rolduc To Go. At arrival, we will give you the opportunity to order a drink and process your order in the game so that you van quench your thirst during a short break.
  • If you want a drink before or after the game, you van currently go to one of the To Go points (Brewery Rolduc or Reception abbey hotel).


  • Do you have any symptons such as coughing or a cold? Then do not come. Our terms and other information about the corona measures we have taken can be found on the Corona page.



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